Florida International University - Main Campus

Miami, FL4 years

School Type: Public

Online + Campus

Religious Affiliation: None

Accredited: Yes

Website: www.fiu.edu/

With a focus on graduates from a science background, Florida International University provides an intensive MS in Forensic Science program that meets the DNA Advisory Board's requirements for the Technical Leader position. Its high retention rates, coupled with a comprehensive curriculum that includes a research project, place it high for those seeking a rigorous academic and practical foundation in forensic science.

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Florida International University Quick Facts

Admission Rate

64.01% of applicants were admitted in the last academic year, indicating a moderately selective admissions process.


Graduation Rate

67.08% of students graduated within the expected timeframe, reflecting strong student engagement and support.


In-state Tuition

The average tuition for full-time students is $6,565 per academic year.


Out-of-State Tuition

The average tuition for full-time students is $18,963 per academic year.


School Size

Our school has a total enrollment of 39,936 students, providing a vibrant and diverse community.


Average Earnings

Graduates report an average earning of $52,000in their first year after graduation.


Admissions Overview

Admission Rate Overall64.01%
ACT Scores Midpoint Math22
SAT Scores Average OverallNot Provided
SAT Scores Midpoint Math560
ACT Scores Midpoint English24
ACT Scores Midpoint Writing8
SAT Scores Midpoint Writing530
ACT Scores Midpoint Cumulative24
SAT Scores Midpoint Critical Reading590

Florida International University Financial Aid & Loans

Student Loans

Federal Loan Rate
Loan Principal
Students with Any Loan

Median Debt

Completers Overall

Median Debt by Income

Income 0 - 30,000
Income 30,001 - 75,000
Income > 75,000

Median Debt by Student Type

Dependent Students
Independent Students
Pell Grant Recipients
No Pell Grant

Median Debt by Gender

Female Students
Male Students

Median Debt by Generation

First Generation Students
Non-First Generation Students

Florida International University Student Demographics & Diversity

Student Demographics

A breakdown of student population by race.

Student Size: 39,936+


Florida International University Graduate Earnings

Employed Graduate Earnings

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Mean Earnings by Bracket

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Mean Earnings by Gender

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Mean Earnings by Students

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